Archimedes' Attitude Toward His Work

Archimedes has been considered on of the greatest scientists and mathematicians of all time, and for good reason. Archimedes was not only a genius, but he was obsessed with the work he did. This could be one of the reasons that made Archimedes great, he loved his work so much, that Archimedes strived to find new problems and develop new machines. A good example of his obsession is having one of his discoveries, a sphere inscribed in cylinder engraved on his tomb.       

Archimedes was one the first scientists to really use a method to discover. He also created logical ways of finding solutions, unlike Aristotle who made many of his ideas up. Archimedes definitely, wanted to advance science in the world and unlike other philosophers scientists he was pure science. Archimedes succeeded in advancing science to a whole new level, and his works have influenced scientists, and mathematicians through time. Archimedes completely changed the idea of science in his time, and created scientific ideas far ahead of his time.