Some of the Famous Creations of Archimedes. 

  Archimedes created, and advanced many simple machines, and machines used for war. A good example of a machine that Archimedes advanced is the Archimedes Screw. The Archimedes Screw is a screw which can move water from a lover area to a higher area. The Archimedes screw is still used today for pumping water and moving it to higher locations.

Another example of a simple machine is the pulley which Archimedes developed. His version of the pulley objects of weights to heavy for any other systems before Archimedes’ compound pulleys system. The pulley is still used today, in barns, elevators, cranes, shipyards, etc.

  Archimedes also had inventions with the purpose of defending Syracuse from the invading Romans. The three most famous inventions/developments that Archimedes made are the Archimedes Claw, mirrors to burn ships, and the catapult. Archimedes’ first war invention was a claw that was said to be able to lift ships out of the water and then smash them. The mirrors that Archimedes is said to have made would burn ships. The mirrors were placed on the shore, then sunlight would be directed to the ships and it would supposedly catch them on fire. The third of Archimedes’ war machines was the catapult; Archimedes did not invent the catapult, but like many of the other previously invented things, he developed a much better way of using the weapon.