Although Archimedes was probably killed because of his war machines, he was very successful during his life. Archimedes was not only great in his discoveries, but in his legacy too. Archimedes discovered many math and science related things that are still used in the modern world. One good example of his is the pulley system. Although Archimedes did not invent the pulley, he made complex compound pulley systems which could lift very heavy weights. These pulley systems are still used today in laces like elevators and on cranes. Another very important discovery by Archimedes that is still used today is buoyancy. When Archimedes discovered that the buoyant force of a floating object is equal to the weight of the water displaced it was a major breakthrough. Ships could then be built knowing how big to make them and what proportions to have. Without Archimedes’ discovery on buoyancy, large ships like tankers, and military boats would not be able to go on water. These are just two examples of discoveries Archimedes made that have pushed science to new levels, and created new opportunities for the world, like being able to trans port large amounts of goods in tanker ships. Archimedes was great!